Who has not played the predecessor, or they received at least told the opening of the film is not for the story to be of great help. Players of the series will be equal nostalgia and memories, the sight of famous and important scenes. In order for newcomers to spoilers nothing much was said, Kratos begins as a warrior, the gods begged for help, turns, but for a fraud against them.

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And to not have to do alone, it forces, together with the elemental forces, the Titans, to gain access to Olympus. Zeus must therefore unbeatable. His arch-enemies and the anti-hero, serious cracks in the Greek mythology schnetzelt. And that is to be taken literally. Those who know how to say in this circle will face many familiar names and stories. For as in its predecessors, the same heroes, gods and legends such as Star Series appearances in shows.

A linear game world demands that you check off to the missions of the series. Even God of War 3 "is no exception. But the tasks follow the simple structure was achieved by the section! Opponents, who were raised in the way do defeated, open locked doors and inaccessible outputs are climbed. This results in the fighting to a learning curve that we are prepared to do battle again and again anew. The upgradeable weapons and their capabilities invite you to try. And who wants to create the 1000 hit combo, must exercise great place to light. The puzzles are original, but no big head nuts and are dissolved after a short analysis and repeated trial and error.