Although most of the buyers of Rage will be hopelessly out of their order, are allowed to mod-professionals look forward to: id Software, the PC version of Rage for the launch, the "id studio," said collection of development tools publish BEI. This can provided you have relevant previous experience extensive mods based on the id Tech 5 as the new action game of Doom-maker crafting. The Tim Willits of id revealed to the magazine PC Gamer .

Start the tools of the program console directly into a rage. There is enough simple, "id studio" to tap into the mask and you open up the various tools.Tricky it is to be already, from the ground up to make new levels. Although a level editor part id of the id Tech 5, because the technology but "developed since the time, hundreds of Doom maps on a CD fit" has is no longer but to accomplish quite as easy as in previous games. It would be easier, however, the inhabitants of Well Springs miss new voice a town in a rage.

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Rage (and thus also id studio) released in Europe on 16 September for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Whether the console versions detours new mods get on is not yet known.