Originally, the PlayStation Network last week, already back online. This self-imposed deadline, the Japanese company could not keep clear because the service is nowadays not to be reached. According to the complete re-launch could also be delayed for a while rumors. So will the news agency Bloomberg -industry sources have learned from that the PlayStation Network, with all services until 31 May 2011 is to go online again.

Many gaming website concluded that the game-related services to reach this day would not be what Sony is, however, denied. According to a company spokesman PSN is the deadline to complete all of the features with respect. The online gaming services were almost completely restored and which are at reportedly currently in internal testing. When the PlayStation 3 owners in multiplayer matches can fall again, although it is still unclear. A new date not yet named Sony.

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If the PlayStation Network until the end of May actually go back online, the service provides a six-week downtime would have behind him. This was caused by a hacker attack, were stolen before Easter during which the user data from more than 100 million PlayStation and SOE-users.