In 2007 came with Sega Rallyfor the time being the last shoot of the racing franchise on the market. Despite relatively good response from fans and the press was the publisher SEGA to this day no other episode in order. This seems to be in the foreseeable future, not to change.

As Mike Hayes, managing director of his character from Sega West, in an interview said that they had a good job with Sega Rally delivered then.However, the game came at a time on the market in which consumers generally racing game would have turned away from him. Currently, there are signs of a revival in the genre. So play was his opinion Codemasters F1 2011 with first class delivered. Therefore, they have observed the market for racing games is always very accurate.

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However, they had no plans to revive, Sega Rally for any platform. Just look at all brands is constantly thinking about and whether and how they could be reinvented. It depends, however a lot of available and developing platforms which costs from.