The website up in twoarticles together roughly, the direction in which the act of will develop.Sun players can experience the adventure while back in several layers of time, this time focus, the team at Ubisoft Montreal, a greater on Ezio's search for a new provision in 1511 and Desmond's history in the present.

Ezio following the events of anddisoriented and looking in the distant Constantinople for a new purpose in life.He believes in the footsteps of his famous ancestor Altair (hero) to find and follows therefore Assassin Order of Constantinople at that. There he meets Tazim Yusuf, the acting leader of the local Assassin Brotherhood.Both are great masters of their respective order as the same level - what some friction among the really friendly "rivals" leads to.

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Other allies are Ezio Prince Suleiman and Sofia Sorto. The later rulers of the Ottoman Empire meet Ezio nine years before his accession, and believes that the aging assassin for a master. He has sorely needed, as your own family at war at the beginning of Assassin's Creed: Revelations yet because of the possible heir to the throne of the sultan.

Sorto Sofia in turn is based not on a historical figure, but was the painting "Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman," by Albrecht Dürer inspired by.As the title suggests, Sofia is also originally from Venice and Constantinople in the far Ezio turned upside down.Sofia runs a bookstore in the city, where Ezio first time they meet it. Both feel immediately attracted to each other, Ezio keeps his assassins before her identity secret, but - fuel for the already difficult relationship between the two.