As you recognize a good racing game? Good graphics?Clearly must be present. Regular class-playability and handling? If it were not bad either. But there is another category, what the quality of a great racer can be read off.The so-called head-wobble factor.

The player's head leans in turns instinctively to the left or right and moves with the virtual vehicle, as if to him, his head still push through the last bend to enter. This is a perfect indicator that a racing game is intense and exciting, the sofa is the moments in the racing seat. therefore it is only, in addition to friends sitting on the couch and a head shake in disbelief. the most DiRT 3 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is a game where their effect on these are addressed more often dürftet - because gripping is the latest game from the house Codemasters all.

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Unlike in previous published in 2007 DiRT 2 there is not a cozy tour-mobile, from your career drives her, but everything is now very fancy menus. On your way you support a manager and the chief mechanic not visible but only from the speakers. The tour is divided into four major seasons, the four championships with different racing disciplines exist again.