The publisher Electronic Arts are now several new details to the soccer game FIFA 12 is known.Besides the proven impact player engine to a variety of new features the gameplay even more realistic.

Using the so-called "Precision Dribbling" fail to accurately control the ball and the player at the same time allow more time for decisions in the offensive game. However, not only in attack, there are changes: In the defense will react in future thanks to the virtual football »Tactical Defending" flexible. Sun is the position game, the interception of the ball and attack the opponent in each case the same level of importance.Add to this the new "Pro Player Intelligence." Behind this term refers to a system that gives players with special abilities effective decisions. People with a lot of overview can play precise through-balls in the free space or intercept enemy playback better.

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Also, the career mode is to be reviewed and influenced by events from the real world of football. Have certain players or teams, for example, a drop in form, this will affect the results in the game. In addition to the graphic can be revised, so that the games look prettier.