The introduction of the game JamesBondienne announcement immediately color. The game gives a preview ofthe animated film without revealing the plot. The basics are clear,the band Lightning McQueen (the car / hero of the first episode) witha Aston Martin-like - and voice - of 007, wants to thwart the plansof world domination by Professor Z.

The scenario of the gameis to forget. Cars 2 is a succession of races with a fewintermissions (cinematics almost identical throughout the game) thatare that bringing a challenge without providing any information.

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At the controls of cars racing more orless imposing, players fans of the animated film will not bedisoriented. All cars of their dreams - of animation - are presentand ready to be abused. All Flash companions are there and eachnationality has its own model. The rally car to France, Italy F1 oreven the Corvette for the United States. Cars that have theirspecific, both in the look that the voice and character.

Someare heavier, more powerful but slower, and other, lighter, morevivid. The number of cars available at the beginning of the game isalso a result. More than a dozen, and many more to unlock.