According to original plans, the so-called "Welcome Back"campaign from the PlayStation Network last Sunday already befinished.But there was apparently some massive criticism from someusers, who counted on the use of the offer until midnight. The end,however, was already completed numerous hours agoFor this reason,Sony Computer Entertainment now quickly decided that the action alittle too . extendTherefore you have until 5July clock at 18:00Central European time, to benefit from the aforementionedadvantages.The program allows access to two freePlayStation 3games,two freePSP-Tiel, 30 days free PlayStation Network and more.

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Sony had launched the program afterhackers had crippled their PlayStation Network and the PSN had toremain offline for several weeks (we reported).The hackers had stolensensitive data like credit card information of customers PSN.TheWelcome Back Program was offered as a kind of "apology".