Fans of Diablo 3 can rejoice: Blizzard on its official websiteannounced that they would like to show at this year's gamescom aplayable demo version of the action role-playing game.Which demoversion will be presented in August in Cologne, is not yet known.Blizzard already presented at gamescom 2009 and 2010, a playabletrial version of Diablo 3 playable in some areas were the second act.

It isunlikely that Blizzard this year presents the same demonstration inthe cathedral city, the colleagues of Diablo suspect thatBlizzard, the test version of last year's BlizzCon, where the Dungeon"Halls of Agony" and alluded to the PvP arena were to beseen. If this assumption come true, the demon slayer as a characterclass would be playable. gamescom held from 18 - 21 August this yearin Cologne, the visitors may Cologne Exhibition Center on 17 Augustmake sure.

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How Blizzard recently announced will,in the third quarter of 2011, a beta-test of Diablo place third Evenif Blizzard still wanted to name any specific date has been suggestedthat the beta phase could begin in early August. When the actionrole-playing game will be available in the store is not yet clear,the timing of the beta version would suggest a release of the year. Aconsole version is also more likely, as wereported earlier Blizzardis currently looking for developers with experience for consoleDiablo 3.