This week the first official beta is launched for Call of Dutyelite.It is a community service for current part of theCall ofDutyseries.Elite players are about, for example, upload videos,communicate with friends or organize themselves into clans can.Someof the functions should be free of charge, paying customers get forthe map packs for the upcoming first-person shooterModern Warfare3without further payment.

Over 2.8 million players are said tohave signed the multi-platform elite for the beta.Who has used toregister the PlayStation 3 as the system is likely to be, but still alittle wait for his invitation to the beta test.Reveal how theupdated FAQs to the official website of Elite, have been exclusivelyinvited to Xbox 360 players to the beta.The PlayStation 3 will followlater.

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Two reasons for this decision are: Theywant a hand allow new players only gradually, after all, if it were abeta, on the other hand, would the failure of the developments on PSNSony's elite for disturbed platform.