The replacement for the PSP is indeedpresented as the console the most " friendly "to developersever created the Japanese firm. In repentance, Sony claims to havelearned from past mistakes (probably making reference to criticismfrom the production made ​​against the PS3).The Sony machinewill not be difficult to program in the future promises the consolemakers, and would no longer have to drag a bad reputation in theheart of the studios. We remember especially the intervention of GabeNewell in late 2007, when the valve boss said: " We end up beinga PS3 game is a real drain . "Ok, he has since returned to hisjacket, but it's still chaos.

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This is not the first time that Sonyrefers to the fact that the PS Vita has been designed to be easy toprogram. What will be important to encourage studios to be prolificon this new laptop, and even more if one considers only the consoletouch open on PSN, Sony has much to attract small independent studiosand to enrich its catalog small downloadable games to competitiveprices. Titles that attract gamers typically " portable "andthus compete with its new enemies such as smartphones and tablets. Areal challenge!