Firstly, there is the perky elf E'larawho suffer from vertigo and others to have as a counterpart, thehuman warrior Caddoc, the terrible fear of insects. They are two of ateam that could not be more different.At the beginning of thecampaign you're in a dream of Caddoc caught and experienced a visionthat suggests the worst.The next morning she wakes up along withyour partner on a campfire and then moves through the area in searchof a mysterious fountain.

As a coward before the men's trust andtherefore this is not the done hastily E'lara the elf. Henceforth,the adventure takes its course. It is shredded by many opponents andthe game is not stingy with it the right effects. On the whole thestory is unfortunately somewhat irrelevant. Save the world and takerevenge, it creates the course of the story rarely has a cozy"languish" addition.

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The heart of the Hunted is co-op dar.He works over LAN / System Link, or online via split screen so youclubbed it together through the dungeons. The fights will becoordinated by a good piece, as the AI allies but from time to timeouts and has hanging like to remain.