Home Entertainment 2012 to 200: Astationary high-definition console, whose image is printed on acontroller with built-in touchscreen. What is a U Wii? Right andwrong. Was sought. PlayStation 3 and PS Vita As Sony announced at theDevelop Conference in Brighton next handheld hp Vita as a controllerfor the PlayStation 3 is able to act. It should also be possible tostream entire games on the PS Vita. About the possible quality of thegames so transferred, the spokesman Phil Rogers expressed but vague:

The PlayStation 3 sends data to Vitaand Vita dar., this can be the unique features of Vita - use ascontrols for a PS3 game Gyroscope, touch screen on the front andrear.You can run software on both devices and compare the data overthe network. That's great, because that can take on the PlayStation 3with its processing power and graphics to Vita makes chic - whatever.So the sacrifice is not the CPU of the PlayStation 3 to see somethingcool on Vita.

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What does Rogers mean? Option 1: Theintern will be calculated PS3 video streamed on the Vita 1:1. Thefunctionality of the Wii Wuer actually anticipate and make feasibleto underground the Vita PlayStation 3 games. Possibility 2: ThePlayStation 3 takes over the complete calculation of the game contentsuch as control, physics, AI and network code. The Vita, allowingmore air to take care of exclusively by the graphics computation. Asinstalled in the Vita, but a worse GPU's as the PS3 goes into thegraphics quality is not up to the PlayStation 3.