The Port Royale game series gets soon increase. With Port Royale 3 inthe second quarter 2012, the next part of the strategy series to comeon the market and first released for the consoles. In the 17thCentury fighting the colonial powers England, Spain and France forsupremacy on land and sea. As a pirate or trader, it is the mostinfluential figure in the Caribbean to be.

While you doing as aprivateer raids against towns and villages, pillaged and conqueredships, saying that you must also be resourceful as dealers try to getto wealth. In multiplayer mode, it puts you at with human opponentsor do trade. Kalypso Media has with the announcement of the strategygame and first screen shots released from Port Royale 3, which arefound starting immediately in our gallery.

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The predecessor of Port Royale 2Developed by the now closed gamedevelopment studio Ascaron. Kalypso Media acquired after breaking up the company in 2009 to trademark the title Ascaron Darkstar One ,Port Royale and the patrician franchises. The development of PortRoyale 3 now take on belonging to Mind Studios Kalypso gaming.

At this year's games com trade fair in Cologne presents the publisher a first playable version of the game,the players interested in the entertainment area in Hall 6 may try atstand A51. Games com place this year from 18 - 21 August in thecologne exhibition halls. Visitors may be the latest game trends aday earlier, on 17 August look.