In theJapanese-dimensional fighting game Arcana Heart 3 men have no access.Instead whopping 23 manga girls increase with women concentratedpower in the ring. The fighter squad is a rare bunch of bizarre: fromthe nun on Ninja Warrior and rollerblade demon girl to the room witha giant sword, everything offered.Especially at an angle: a studentwho swims in a large bubble of water, a little girl riding the stickfigure on a monster and is decorated with a witch, whose staff alarge, lively cat's head.

who is familiar with the predecessor orBlazBlue comes with the battle system can handle at once: There is alight, one medium and one heavy attack. The link to their typicalfighting game combos. A new feature is the homing move that bringsyou directly to your opponent. In the course of the struggle itselfautomatically populates your Force bar. It is full, it switches tothe "Extend Force" form.

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This makes your attacks for a shorttime and you have more access to more attacks. The special feature ofArcana Heart, but the name giver Arcanas. Once you've chosen yourfighter, you choose one of the 23 holy ghost support. This will gettheir bonuses on attack and defense. In addition, the Arcanas ownspecial moves that can run your fighter in addition to their normaloffensive repertoire. Using the Arcana "Mirrors" copied herexample, the attacks of your opponent.

While each character has its ownstandard Arcana, but you can also choose any other. Thus resulting inmore than 500 possible combinations. Of course, at the characterselection and a pinch of Arcana is asked tactics. It is useful, forexample, assign a slow fighter Arcana with a dash move. For beginnersthe simple mode is interesting. Here there is a button for normalattacks, one for special moves and one for the attacks of the Arcana.