Based on the sparkle come into theyears Unreal engine environments seen by many details, especially inoutdoor areas. Character models also have many subtleties to the bodyand the transformations look very good! But on surfaces you noticethe graphics on their age.Blurry textures and jagged edges create ablurring effect that occurs but also indoors.

The missions are always the threecontests, where you can be the beginning of each chapter, choose oneof three robots. It is set before a large number of known Autobotsand Decepticons, which will elicit a smile for fans of the series.The game is played in the best 3rd-person view. Through the story ofthe opponent's lead henchman small, larger chunks, which should feelthe bullets in the back and bosses. But even small deposits anddriving skill, the game, offering more variety than many other 3rdperson shooter.The two campaigns, each lasting 9-12 hours andtherefore have a very good extent. Because swings are also pleased toonce again go into battle in order to trophy hunting.

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Again choose one of three charactersrepresented. If you have a favorite, but you should also have fastfingers to snatch the other.There can be only one Optimus Prime! Theshootouts are great fun with a stable frame rate and interestinglevel design and the constantly changing conditions of weapons andsurroundings. If you are too far from the nearest checkpoint removedas one the game will spawn on the side of the colleagues, which isvery helpful.