Even before the game begins, the playerhas the choice of two between two characters - the Demon Dog KingKanata and the beautiful Valkyrie Rizelea. As the two storiesintersect, it is almost not matter which one protagonist begins. Toget all the trophies it is in any case no matter what story theplayer picks up.

"Trinity Universe" is a typicalJapanese RPG, which is now almost on the endangered species. The roleplay has it all, what makes a good JRPG: a good story, manydialogues, cut scenes, more dialogue and a clever combat system.

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Although the beginning of "TrinityUniverse" turns out to be quite nerve-wracking, becauseapparently the beginning of the game is hardly a real goal, theplayer over the course of history is increasingly drawn into thedemanding and sophisticated combat system. One by one the truepotential of the combat system, to the Active Time Battle (ATB) ismodeled to light. Always new things coming to light, which canbelearned and enhanced.

For example, the combo performs variouscharacters and can also be "recharged", or rest for afighting game so them in the next round more AP points are available.AP-points are required to release as many attacks on the enemy.Normal attacks are executed with the Square button, harder shots withX and with magic triangle. In addition, the charas are equipped withskills (in the menu), they can perform in battle with the Circlebutton.