However, before crashing to the demons,we must first create your character. For this one first selects oneof ten different classes, including for example, Mage, Knight,Barbarian, Paladin and Hunter. Each of these classes has differentdefault character attributes such as strength, skill and luck.

Furthermore, of course, can choose thesex of the character and appearance, with the setting options arelimited to the face. Finally, we give the hero a name, and thenthere's no turning back. The game begins with a tutorial that givesone at once the most important lessons you know later for the gamehas. While playing the "Demon's Souls" starts as athird-person Hack'n'Slash, but it is anything but that .

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Simplebutton-smashing here leads to death faster than you can reach theBlock button. One should take every opponent seriously and usetargeted strikes and blocks. This applies even more to keep an eye onthe life and stamina bars. Ailing health, can regenerate the herowith the help of healing herbs. The stamina bar is no less important,because any action that it takes a little from it. When the bar isdepleted, the character is Incapacitated, which in turn usually meansdeath. Mages should also of course give up their mana bar night.