"SINGULARITY" makes itsomewhat easy to explain all the events. E99 is the magic word and isthe cement that binds together all the loopholes and gaps in thestory and covering at least. E99 is an element that is foundexclusively on the island of hard labor and human-12, improvedweapons technology, and technical progress. For the game, this meansimaginative weapons, time manipulation, big bosses and time travel.

The rare item is also an importantcollector's item, which is equal to saving one currency and issued.The story is of a hand scroll by in the course of the game, on theother hand, as well as in audio recordings, notes and atmosphericflashbacks. Thus the narrative style resembles a "Fallout 3"or "Bioshock". We found the audio recordings do not "take"can, but by listening on the spot has something seems inelegant andincrease the gameplay. But the mood around the island, remains tightand grim.

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Dire is the right word when you look atthe graphic design. Frequently one encounters spongy texture and edgeflicker, and shoot enemies, the salvos on walls, or clipping errors.It seems as if the developers put their focus more on story andgameplay elements, as on the actual technique.Not even a shadow ofowning our hero. While opponents turn out quite nice and large,although their movements are mostly liquid, but not very variable.Boss enemies are waiting there on their own processes of movements.