The action game Twisted Metal has been postponed until the firstquarter of 2012. This was confirmed by the head of the responsiblestudio Eat Sleep Play, Jaffe, in an extensive blog post on theofficial PlayStation site. Originally, the game coming in Novemberthis year. Jaffe explains the shift so that one of Twisted Metal issimply not yet gotten to the point that we would like to achieve: "Weplan, with Twisted Metalextradite a new multiplayer classic. We planto publish the best Twisted Metal ever. We are planning to change theopinion of many people who think that vehicle battles are a relic ofthe 90s. And we plan to do away with the opinion that the onlyrelevant shooter species may be an FPS. "

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At the same time he can showunderstanding for the fans who are unhappy with the move: "It'scrap if a game is postponed, we are gamers and we know how annoyingis that it's disappointing and frustrating and takes a fan of thegame truly the wind from the sails, it is so. You have to trust uswhen we say that the game with this extra time is still better thanit already is."