Based on the Unreal Engine 2, it is notquite Hunted sadly failed to be a graphical tour de force. Texturesare partly recharged ugly.Sometimes so late that the camera sequenceshave long continued, as the textures are displayed. Grasses andplants have some sharp edges and on the whole is very Hunted,getreally dark. The combat animations make a good impression on theother hand, the spell animations look good. However, the facialanimations, especially in cutscenes, so rigid, that there is not muchfun to follow them.

The effects of weapons and other itemsneat sound. The background music rocks out of the speakers and thesubwoofer gets some work here.The quality of the dialogues, however,is only fair. Unfortunately, because the dialogues are not always 100percent clean been mixed, which can lead to Hall effects. The actorsare well chosen.

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Another advantage and disadvantageat the same time is the constant humor in the numerous dialogues.With whom the humor is exactly true in the black,Hunted to have truejoy. The players among you, where the jokes do not ignite, however,could handle the "mute" button to be reached sooner thanyou think.