Before you can throw yourself into thestory, you can choose between four protagonists. Any person withdifferent qualities, abilities, fighting styles, and even one's ownhistory. The characters are pre-fabricated and their appearance doesnot change. The stories and cutscenes is effectively on the figures,a remarkable attention to detail and the player may stand outpositively. The main plot takes ten years after its predecessor anddoes not sound very original.

The protector of the innocent, calledthe 10thLegion, is distinguished by the Kassynder routed to enforceits own power. Now it's up to you to organize a resistance and fightagainst the evil forces. The road meets the main character choicesand new team members to support you in battle. OBSIDIAN here unfoldsits full potential, because to like to know the stories in the mainstory.Unfortunately, the play-through time for an RPG get very shortand can be found after about ten hours on end, without having misseda side quest.

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Found or purchased pieces of armor andweapons are displayed at the protagonists after finishing. Does thewarrior changes such as other panels, the shoulder cape that isattached to it, and the motif on the shoulder boards (lion's head,Rune, etc.). Especially later in the game of Dungeon Siege 3 you cansee clear differences in the armor. Dungeon Siege 3, the camera holdsquite high, as is usual for a dungeon crawler.