Even the introduction to the game shows you clear on which side you are fighting and what are your reasons. But the comrades hold dialogues, which give her clichéd patriotism and inappropriate comments funny no clear picture of the seriousness of the situation. If you can package the events lightly, like "Bad Company", unmanageable or dangerous?

Arrived at the camp is clear: it is neither. What will convey Operation Flashpoint is realism and a sense of the strategy on the battlefield. And this does not mean that you can sprint to break through enemy lines in order to clean up.Listen here it is, execute commands and exploit the strengths of team members in order without prejudice to grab the next checkpoint.

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One is accompanied here by an unsympathetic, brash Navy named Knox, who shoots wide of his expressions, rebukes and insults at the destination. While annoying to the English proverbs for their patch severity in the long run, they are in German a true test of patience. The awards do not have the effect that the player character, and aims to be able to be aware of their own. More can one hope it to have survived the long bus ride soon. The stereotypical conversations can hope for a soft, serious action in its entirety. The mission briefings are quite nice and interesting presents that show logic and tactics, but a story that could bind to some, are nowhere.