Inaddition to a blue and a black version expands the color palette ofhis Nintendo Nintendo 3DS soon have a version in red, the flashyTumbled bears the name Red Flame Edition and will be from 9 September2011 Voerste be available exclusively in the U.S..When the redhandheld comes to Europe is still unclear.

Only twoweeks ago, Nintendo had a massive price cut announced for its 3DS. Inorder for the handheld in Europe over the next few weeks will be upto 30 percent cheaper. The reason: the sales of the console, pocketswere left far behind the expectations of the group.Withthe price cutwill boost the sales you again.

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Nintendo fans who have already boughtthe 3DS to launch in March 2011 will be reimbursed with 20downloadable games for the higher purchase price.