Who likesto play war games with violent action scenario is not also anadvocate of real wars.This means, according to the Financial TimesGermany , a new study by the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart.The communication scientist Thorsten Quandt conducted a survey onattitudes to war and violence. 5000 people were interviewed, of whom4500 play video games more often appropriate and 500 players are notat all.

Participants were presented statementsto the military and dealing with military threats and terrorism. Thishad to rate them, and was visible in the final analysis, nodifference in the evaluations by players and non players. Rather,age, education and obedience to authority proved to be crucial forthe recruitment into the military.

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Elderly people, people with loweducation or a more aggressive and autoritätsorientere people, thestudy found significantly more for military operations to spare. Allwere analyzed for the study, 166 games. Interesting detail: Almosthalf of the games based on real conflicts like the Second World Waror the Vietnam War. Current or recent conflicts such as Iraq orAfghanistan are usually replaced with fictitious scenarios.