In the online shooter Dust 514 , the so-called micro-transactionswill play an important role.How exactly do they work, now says thedeveloper CCP Games with some examples.So all players initiallyinvest approximately $ 20, which represents virtually the purchaseprice of the download game. In addition, they are not yet a preciselydefined amount of in-game currency obtained. Once this is exhausted,you can eitherspend a lot of time with the collection of objects("farms") or for real money to buy extra in-game currency.

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It will also be possible to exchangecurrency both objects and non-monetary items without restrictionsbetween the players. In this way, will CCP Games to avoid the problemthat invest people, the real money to gain some unique advantages.Furthermore, says CCP Games, that is expected with many players whoare exclusively in the economic system of Dust 514 be active withoutever a single join the fight.