Born in full buzz around Second Life,PlayStation Home has attracted a respectable number of PlayStation 3owners who find a social function rather rudimentary but fun and easyto access. And with some operations in place around the main games ofthe PlayStation, the "gamers" are also invited to check itout from time to time.

Remains that the primary function ofthe service, namely the matching of players is limited and few wouldfind themselves on the home before starting a part of Call of Duty orFifa. It must be said that all their games include matchmakingoptions, proposing to invite his friends on his party, and it turnsout to be much more convenient than having to walk through thevirtual world in search of Home his friends.

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Sony has thus been faced with a dilemmaregarding PlayStation Home. Everyone acknowledges that the idea isgood and that the potential is there, but no clearly seem to want toreally use a practical point of view. No way to close it, it wasnecessary to develop it, even change course. This decision was madeto the console makers, this time by surfing the wave of social game,one that is becoming more democratic at high speed through Facebookand to which all of the traditional game players tend to turn withdollars in his eyes.