With therelease of the PS Vita next year Sony wants its handheld and consoleplatforms can grow stronger together. This explains Shuhei Yoshida,head of Sony Worldwide Studios, in an interview with Euro gamers thatthe Japanese group plans more in the future rely on cross-gaming.

"Youare a game at home to play on the PS3, which store data storage inthe cloud on the PSN servers and play on the road with the HP Vita,by downloading the save file." , so Yoshida. Several PlayStationexclusives are to appear in a bundle with a PlayStation 3 and aVita-hp version.

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According to Yoshida, there areconcrete plans already for ruin. The game is simultaneously releasedfor Sony's home console and the new handheld. How many fans have toshell out for a similar bundle is still unclear.