No matter whether you get into thesingle-player or co-op mode, the game begins with the loading screenon which an airplane and an introductory briefing text now visible.This indicates the location and a voice talking to the soldiers, asif already knew what it was going. Besides, it is mentioned that,after all, aliens have landed on Earth and now in robotics andMehrfüßlerform attempt to subjugate the people. So please take thesuit of your choice, take the weapon in the hand and does what yousay. So the story is also eaten. Much more emotion elicited not thevoice. Even the cutscenes are completely absent.

It looks at first glance that the gamedid not win a beauty prize. The textures are simple and somewhatblurred. The vision is attenuated by blurring. The animations areslow and stiff. Especially with the Wandkrabbelei the animals, thedevelopers have done a disservice.

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In normal Gehprozess it will still workafter a short twitch and clitch. The larger animals but have overcomea depression with many edges, it can sometimes take a few seconds.Under fire, the laws of gravity are nullified completely. Awell-placed rocket hurls the animal away from the wall and once againthey can land on it.

Is a calculated force of gravity doesnot exist. Out a stinging property are destructible buildings. Largerenemies or weapons capable of it after a few well-aimed shots to letthem come crashing down. The less adventurous but looks and seemsmore like a platform that descends under a cloud of dust.