In Malaysia, a bloody revolution israging. The terrorist group the "Naga" has set itself thegoal of the country in chaos and can expand to the national crisisinto a global conflict. For this reason, NATO latches into the actionand wants to set using the Special Ops Commander Cullen Grey and histeam (consisting of specialists of various nationalities), the revoltof the "Naga" once and for all an end.

Freshlyarrived at the command base Cullen Grey stumbles into a war of wordsbetween the commander and Lt. James Gorman. Park Yoon-Hee (nicknamedthe "forty-five). The leader of the Korean reconnaissance teamis ordered to regroup at a checkpoint outside the city to. Althoughthis park does not conform to use goal, they retract and readilyturns to its task orders are orders.

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Grey will be noted down by Gorman onthe current situation and get the order, the lines surrounding thecity to patrol with his team and to secure if necessary. No soonersaid than done, according to a time step of six hours, the round isfinished and it is ordered to evacuate by helicopter. As it is in thelanding, all hell breaks loose unexpectedly. The helicopter is shotdown and crashed spectacularly to the ground.