The Canadian developer studio BioWare PAX in Seattle at the fairfirst about the upcoming RPG Dragon Age 3 betrayed. On the panel arepresented BioWare's Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw, ExecutiveProducer Mark Darrah, author David Gaider and Art Director MattGoldman, the questions of the fans. In Dragon Age 2escalated thesimmering conflict between the "striving for freedom magiciansand their" minders, the Templars - the starting point for DragonAge 3 An open war breaks out between the camps. The hero of DragonAge 3 must travel the entire country and allies seek to protect "theworld from itself."

A similarstoryline already offered Dragon Age: Origins , the first part of theseries. The scope of Dragon Age 3, the developers showed a map thatcompares with the game world of Dragon Age: Origins is greater by amultiple. But this does not mean, finally, also played at Originsdespite large map in rather small areas. Still unclear is who youplay in Dragon Age 3rd BioWare on the panel said, the story of theDragon-Age-2-hero Hawke was not told to the end - but you could dothis via DLC. There would also be the opportunity Hawke and the GreyWardens, the hero from Dragon Age: Origins, meet to make.

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Probably going to play but a completelynew hero. The fights in Dragon Age 3 will be tactical, as in itspredecessors. Delivered a first taste of the DLC Dragon Age 2: TheLegacy ( for testing ), with its studded event arenas at variouslevels. Especially the clever positioning of the party members on thebattlefield will be important in Dragon Age 3. Also crucial is whenthe player selects which companion. Each party member has differentbonuses and buffs that add value to the group and to strengthen eachcombat situation or in the worst case weaken. In addition, the playerwill again have the opportunity to make his party members to visuallyand tactically flexible.