It has long been known that the PC online role-playing game EVEOnlineand the online shooterDust 514 will be linked together. Now theproducer Thomas Farrer of CCP Games has again spoken on this subjectand it lists some interesting examples. Thus, the users of bothtitles will each have the same channels as for text and voice chatscan rely.Also, the online portal for all EVE players alike gate willbe available to ensure a smooth communication between the two groups.

However, the interaction will go farbeyond this. It will, according to the latest plans, for example, bepossible to join a player from Dust 514 a corporation in EVE Onlinecan -. and vice versa. Furthermore Farrer again confirms thepossibility that you can hire a mercenary from EVE-Players formilitary purposes was Dust 514. The battles are fought in the styleof a shooter, even vehicles such as tanks are used. Dust can also get514-player orbital attacks. The course and the outcome of a battle inturn directly impacts on the game of EVE Online.

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Furthermore, Farrer says that thein-game currency "ISK" and also in between the two matcheswill be found. However, he settled on the type and manner elicit anyconcrete details.