The leader of the Air Army, Nimbus knowyourselves slowly into the art of one of the tornadoes, teaches youto grow, destroy, execute combos, just the simple mechanisms.As theleader but is knocked out and disappears, it's up to you to save theworld.The story itself is not new.The good news is sent out to stopevil.But the approach is somewhat surprising.The wind element?Youmust destroy to save?No worries, concerns about the poor people aremade in the game, and even small details are resolved.

Why can we not go ANYWHERE in thisworld?Answer: The sunlight is harmful to the poor wind warriors.Sonice to stay under the shadows of clouds, which generates amachine.Good explanation and mechanism for both the gameplaychallenges.Why a time limit?Answer: The cloud machine will not lastforever and can only be recharged with more combos.Why MUST youdestroy?Answer: In order to grow and make the larger objects, some,as a small gust of wind take it up seriously again.

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Here one notices probably the fastestthat the development studio "Loose Cannon", was deliveredwith "TORNADO OUTBREAK" her first work.The style is verysimple, starting from the cut scenes that take place almost withoutanimation, via the towns with their colorful objects and witty man,to the animation of the tornado.Everything is presented in simple,some might say, child-friendly look.