Football season is just around the corner and weekends are never going to be the same. If that was not enough, one of
the best soccer gaming franchises is about to get a whole lot better. Watch out EA, the game wizards at Konami are threatening to reclaim lost ground with Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, scheduled to release later this year. Here's why Electronic Arts' FIFA 2012 has some stiff competition later this year ... If there's one thing Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) has always been renowned for the world over is its believable gameplay.

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Whenever you played a PES game between two foot*ball teams, it was always more realisticthe way the players moved, tackled, attacked and defended than a compet*ing FIFA game released that year. Obvi*ously, that took a bit of a pummeling in the past couple of seasons when FIFA improved its gameplay physics while Konami chose to rest on its laurels. All that's expected to change.