This is the initial situation inRimelands - Hammer of Thor, an isometric RPG from Crescent Moongames. The Steampunk-opening story is already the most exciting storyin the game share. The remainder consists almost exclusively ofdungeon exploration and conflicts with fair, mutated humans, hugeogres, wolves and greedy grave robbers.

The main character in the game, thered-haired Rose, Christa, is sent to several quests, which alwaysrevolve around the procurement of mysterious objects or maps. The aimof the quests are underground chambers, transition systems, orfortresses, where there are all sorts of hostile creatures.There areno random encounters in Rimelands, all potential opponents arealready visible before the battle.

The most interesting aspect ofRimelands - Hammer of Thor, the turn-based battles. This wait-lostutensils on: Cube! Unlike in other RPGs is not calculated in secretby a random generator of hits. Rimelands in the attack or parade willroll of the dice by the player. We have captured some pictures of it.Depending on the used gun you get a different number of dice, whichalso mean different chances to win. One sees, however, not numbers ofskulls, crosses, and shield icons. The skulls represent hits (doubleskulls are stronger attacks), the shields are important for thedefense and crosses are classic studs.