At the beginning of the driver isdriving on muddy trails that lead in circles, and so are detailarmthat one wonders where the audience is actually cheering. The carseems to move like on ice. It leaves at least initially, no marks onthe track. Only afterwards we noticed slight changes on the slopes.If one is directly behind another driver who spotted the poor indetails as dust and dirt cloud the sight of the player, so that therest of the track can only guess. At least there is a trophy, if wecan "tear-off" driving. Where did you get that? Not foundin the shop, setting it seems to be none.

Although the carscan be adjusted in the menu, but nevertheless they have been modeledloveless and boring. Questionable as there may occur stuttering, asthe PS3 has to do anything. These are exceedingly rare, but areextremely uncomfortable, especially if you just want to overtake anopponent.

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The best thing about playing well northe tone or the noise. Although the subwoofer is not always addressedproperly, the engine sounds are beyond reproach. During the race,this roar - admittedly pretty boring - vigorously from the frontspeakers, the player crashes with another driver or the guard railagain touches the rear of the vehicle, heard a muffled "Plöp"from the rear speakers.

The menu is ideally accompanied witha rock soundtrack and the voice acting is held entirely in Englishand the subtitles, and menus were also not Germanized. This howeverdoes not deteriorate the already poor impression of the game, becauseeverything was kept simple and understandable.