Uncharted 3:Drake's Deception may be a while away, but developer Naughty Dog has been kind enough to let us sample a taste of things to come via a multi player-only beta. This beta was initially available to PlayStation Plus members as well people who purchased Infamous 2 (which by the way is totally worth picking up), but was later opened up to all PSN members. This being a multi player-only beta is all about competitive play, and in case you missed out on the mayhem in 2009 (which is when Uncharted 2 was released), here's the ultra quick ver*sion. Picture a more balanced Call of Duty with all its perks and killstreak rewards enhanced by gorgeous visuals and third-person action and you'll begin to understand what multi player in an Uncharted game is like.

It's been a while since I've played UC2's multi*player, so I was extremely rusty at first. I kept melee*ing people when I wanted to reload, forgot how to take cover, and died A LOT! Since this was a beta, the game didn't bother with any sort of tutorial, so I had to check out the control scheme in the main menu itself. But even after a few rounds of being slaugh*tered mercilessly, I never got frustrated as the game has a new mechanic called Powerplay that actually gives the losing team a chance to catch up. This could result in double damage being dealt out or the ability to see enemy mark*ers all over the map. It's a very helpful mechanic that tends to balance gameplay, giving the losing team a fighting chance.

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In the beta, you have a bunch of modes to choose from, such as Team Deathmatch, Team Objective, Free for All, Hardcore, and Co-op Arena. Unlike the Hardcore mode found in games like CoD or Battlefield, the one in this game is a bit lenient, so you'll still see your crosshair, but stuff like boost*ers and kickbacks will be turned off. Boosters are the game's equivalent of perks; small tweaks that can improve your e so you can sprint more, res pawn faster, and so on. I personally wasn't too impressed with the boosters avail*able in the beta and I felt I could get by without them just fine.