Get ready to screech with victory or suffer the agony of defeat. This is customization heaven where even a minor tweak can affect your performance out on the track. If you are new to the world of F1 racing then you should start with something tamer, like GT5, or Forza 4 as they are a lot easier to grasp. Remember with F12010, you are behind the wheel of the fastest race cars on the planet. It takes a lot of skill to tame one.

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The game is an amazingly challenging driving experience with gorgeous graphics and sound. Bangalore based Dhruva Interactive have contributed 4 complete tracks for the game: Singapore, Monaco, Valencia and Abu Dhabi. The tracks and race environments are challenging and realisticto have your palms constantly sweating. Most likely your controller will feel inadequate to the handling and a full race seat with pedals, steering wheels and a gearbox would make a lot more sense. Yet, you won't find a more engaging simulator. Jut don't forget the gloves for all that sweating.