Shadows of the Damned uses the Unrealengine, without the usual problem of texture streaming comes tofruition. When you start or load a new section that hung behindoften. The background to the level or nature of the design wereimplemented charismatic and fit perfectly into the scenario. Theanimation of faces, however, is to run away, the coarse facialexpressions are unfortunately not comparable with what otherdevelopers have made already from the Unreal Engine.

Over theentire graphic backdrop is a filter that represents all across theboard very grainy. A reference to old horror movies, but which isvery well designed and fits well integrated. The level design iswhite, apart from the linearity of convincing, especially chic withits architecture. Once you are acting in European cities orpretty-ugly cemeteries and then back on the road in dark catacombs.

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The tone in Shadows of the Damned isreally successful. The soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka, who among othershas already created the soundtrack for Silent Hill several titles,the atmosphere perfectly supported. The voice acting is in Englishand very proud of himself. The spokesman thus fit all across theboard. For the German market was all subtitled as German. The soundeffects and weapon sounds very fitting and proper at any time. Thesurround effects you can always back in a few moments startle orsupport fits what is happening on the battlefield.