Since there are already two Bleachmovies on Blu-ray Disc, which appeared in the distribution of AVvisions, it was only a matter of time before even the first PS3 willplay that tells the story revolving around Ichigo. If the game doesjustice to the franchise, can convince a playful and visually, thisreview is to clarify. Unfortunately, there is no introduction forthose who know little or not at all with the BLEACH universe. Instory mode, it goes straight on and Ichigo returns to the "worldof the living" back.

The graphics are completely in thestyle of the anime or manga held, but also extremely demanding.Thusone sees in the first level, for example, nothing more than a fewtrees and sand. The unspectacular decorated trees can be destroyedand give all points (Soul Points), which are suitable for leveling(by so-called slasher combos can multiply points). All the time thereis a card game at the upper right edge, which says a big red arrow,where the game must go. The main character, Ichigo and the otherswere also held in this cell shaded look. Thus it is missing,especially in the graphics environment, in details.

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The game is held entirely in English -as all games from NIS America, which appear in this country. Thismeans that not only the speech is in English, but subtitles andmenus. While the language but can also set in French, the voices canbe experienced also in the original Japanese voices. This can beinitially set in the options by pressing the triangle button.