Just when the hero has inserted intothe Green Lantern-choir,there are already massive problems. Theformer protection robots that were the statement said evil attack anddestroy the great plan to run a lot of important points of the GreenLantern community. And since our hero with all his imagination somagnificent suggests, he is to spearhead and embarks on a Streitzugagainst the evil forces.

A bit more introduction to theuniverse would not have been determined incorrectly. Coarse knowledgecan be attained only through self-reading the loading screen texts aswell as by smaller announcements of the ring itself is not set highexpectations in the story, since the individual phases of gameplaybetween the main narrative points are simply too long. So a verybrief history is divided into many distant points.

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The animations are fluid enough of thegreen suit, the opponents are simple and can be predicted much toooften. They do not seem very high. The environments are very narrowpaths that allow no deviation. Only single hidden areas can be found.Positive fall onto the background animations. In outdoor areas can bea lot happening and the environment seem animated.

The only remote buildings have, likethe shadows flickering on edges. The interior areas often act asdetailarm and monotonous. Effects abound in the game. Just becauseHal Jordan does not engage in fisticuffs, but his weapons and canappear and disappear. Explosions are colorful fall flat, but quickly.The lighting effects can be seen very well when the hero travels tothe next platform and emerged as a bright green beam in itsenvironment the green light. A beautiful picture show the renderedcut scenes, in which only disturbs the wrong lip synchronization.