The good news is that the action adventure game Beyond Good and Evil2 is definitely appear. This was confirmed by the game designerMichel Ancel now again in an interview. However, the release will notoccur for the current generation of consoles. As Ancel explained inan interview with Games Radar magazine, you've been working some timeon Beyond Good and Evil 2 However, they had encountered in thedevelopment again and again to restrictions and limitations of thecurrent consoles.

That was very frustrating. However, we wanted to create exactly thegame that they had dreamed about from the beginning. Already at thefirst Beyond Good and Evil for the PlayStation 2could not implementall the things you had planned. This will change in the secondepisode.

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It was himand the team was important in very, creating a complex game with avast world. They wanted to convey the feeling of traveling throughspace - as Mass Effect was already very good.

For these reasons we must probably waita while yet before we can play Beyond Good and Evil 2nd A releasedate has logically been fixed yet.