After being crowned World Rallychampion in 2001, Richard Burns has decided to try to pass on hisvast experience as a pilot in the field of video games, pointing,together with the Swedish Warthog, to create the best rallysimulation ever created so far.

So far, in fact, video games havealways had such a strong impression arcade, this title offers acompletely different approach to driving on dirt roads: thanks to anincredible physical system (where everything is calculated in realtime) in Richard Burns Rally we will be breaking into a sweat, andeven some more to keep our car in the street, since all its reactionsare faithful to the real ones and that even the smallest mistake canlead us to conclude our adventure prematurely against a tree.

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In addition to more than discounted"season" and "Quick Race", we can clearly see the"School Rally", a real driving course, divided into basicand advanced course in which the same Richard Burns will teach us tomanage 300-horsepower race cars that we drive on dirt roads, thenhalf the world.

Contrary to what happens in manyother titles, this time we will be engaged in a driving school that,in addition to being really useful to learn the mechanics of the gameis a real challenge: whether to complete the basic course will nottake us too much time, be able to pass the advanced course will be nomean feat, another detail worth mentioning, is the fact that as longas with the course successfully completed at least on the basictechniques of driving, we can not compete in a season, just like inreal life, where the drivers before they can participate incompetitions, they must equip themselves with appropriate speciallicense.