Before you get to tell you theimpressions on the game that introduce some goodies I personallyliked a lot: first after the initial load before you press startappears to be a game of those bars that no one can say they did notknow ... some music ... like a maze ... ghosts running ... Yes it'sPac-Man. I will not conceal that I played a little 'as it was one ofthe games I have seen the birth of the dawn of gaming history.Another element that I personally appreciated very much the design isvery simple and intuitive in-game menus, featuring a few colors forthe series that often little is unable to obtain an appreciableresult. But enough of the babble, it's time to devote to Ridge Racer,or perhaps I should say "It's time to drift."

If you've played any of the precedingchapters of this sort of racing franchise (something like the firsthalf of the 90 for the first episode) you know what to expect.Accordingly we are not as Gran Turismo or PGR, here the setting ofcamber, traction, incidence of wing surfaces do not count anything,here know how to count through the curves as it should and put it ingeek terms of "when in doubt accelerometers."The gamestructure is as simple as to leave no words, you participate incompetitions and the aim is to win!

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BUT THAT NEW'! Ok back serious, apartfrom the obvious end result you would expect, is how that is achievedis the winning weapon for Ridge Racer 6 ... a good arcade title upfor the lack of realism (wanted, I add) with its spectacular driftingand NOS. These two characteristics go hand in hand during the game,in fact, while the NOS retrieves advantages or disadvantages toinflict against adversaries, sooner or later end up on the other side(meaning you will have 3 "shoot") and here come into playthat work drift a bit 'like the engine braking that recharges theelectric motor in hybrid cars, but in this case the total loss ofgrip charging the nice bottle of laughing gas (did you know is truethat the NOS laughing gas?).