Hooray, hooray. That'll be fun! According to the developers of the action role-playing game Dark Souls, the title should be more difficult than its predecessor indirect Demon's Souls (2009), in which even die-hard role-players outcrops teeth. Indirect predecessors? Right. The development team did indeed exist, but moved from Sony to Bandai Namco. A nice side effect: Compared to its predecessor, Dark Souls will also appear on the Xbox 360 - at least in North America and Europe. But we remain a hard nut at the keyword teeth, because after a few hours with the role play, bite the notches are in our PlayStation 3 controller so deep that we can clean fill peanuts.

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The developers have not promised too much (or threatened). Dark Souls is certainly no picnic. No, Dark Souls is a gauntlet. One where you have to stalk with bare feet over broken glass and razor blades, spear carrier while you ram howling in the red-hot branding iron flanks. One, at the end you a masochist gifted ensign, with eyes as red as panic and thin lips, behind which holds an insane grin hidden increases in reception. With the pedantic voice of a young preacher, he whispers to you only one sentence in his ear: "That was just Round One of One Hundred" His words sound in such a serene, like a father with his son at Disneyland and he announces cheerfully,! wait that countless other fun rides on him. Dark Souls is not only incredibly hard, it's unfair, sneaky and sly. And with the intent! The title took care of our test run for countless attacks of rage and frustration and depleted our inventory controller.