Hardly confined, Paxton is confronted with the hard life in prison. Eat or be eaten is the motto here. Physical confrontations are a daily occurrence and during the introduction, we must also put his skills already demonstrated for the first time - in the form of a quick-time events. These were introduced through the whole game again and fit well into the concept. However, there would still be a little hard to improve the dynamics, because sometimes the transition is to press the buttons too fast.

Because we fervently pounding on the triangle button and get with not that long ago on the screen flashes the circle, thus it also means "Game Over". Once you get used to the rhythm, but it works better and better. But fear not performed, the fighting is not solely with the QTE system. Much longer the good old "hit-counter-attack-blocking" system is used. Paxton

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can begin a short, quick cuts and targeted heavy blows. Blocks can then attack the opponent at the right time, he performs a counter attack.

If you reduced the display of energy far enough fellow inmates, is run by the triangle button a finishing move, which promoted the opposite for a while on the ground. Anyone who joins any political party is in jail, in a fix, which is also know Paxton. Therefore, it makes you look even equal to, in order to establish initial contacts and to do small favors. For whom? That should find out the players themselves.