Playability should be written large,even if the presentation is available on a weak level. In addition tovariety in gameplay, including control and replay value. Since youcan play through all three games in under three hours, a certainamount of replay value comes in the form of records to break. Not sowith the titular game. There deteriorate control, change the storyand feel so much that the hour of play seems very appropriate. Thedifficulties are more likely to result, having to be in many placesat once. This affects the precise targets.

Meet stand still,jump out of cover not the finish line, blindly running towards thecamera and run scripted attacks that have nearly nothing to do withprogrammed tactics, but only drive the plot moving forward.

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Online comparisons and variabledifficulty can motivate, places to play again. In the offline co-opmakes the title more humor because it can act much better with twocannons. But again, after a short time you will see the final score.Arcade Arcade remains flat.