The old formula: Come from A to B and Csurvive, has, if proven to have always performed well. Missions andmission objectives can vary, but generally do not require to die andall that is not friendly to pulverize. By Bosse, changing environmentand scenarios, but the gameplay is broken up, combined with plenty ofvariety.

The story weaves like a thread through the levelsand knows how to entertain with the action-packed sequences. But thecertain thing is the difficulty. The enemy AI is passive aggressiveapproach and cover search very challenging. Not infrequently, theunwary player is overrun by units. Anyone not taking advantage of thesuit, turn on the slow motion and knows the wound points of theenemy, has now been played.

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Especially larger opponents leave withstronger attacks true crater of destruction. This can offer manydifferent weapons at bay. The suit can remember three simultaneously.This allows the arsenal ever make and adjust as desired. Here can befound alongside the typical mechanical and laser-guided rockets andshotguns, or boaters throwing pieces.

At the beginning, their performanceleaves much to be desired and is doing more damage you with quantitythan quality. But in the course of the game you collect upgrades thatfurther the effectiveness of selected weapon and magazines. So if youfine tune a good weapon, creating an ever stronger Wumme.