The action role-playing game Deus Ex: Human Revolution has now beenjust over two months on the market. David Anfossi, the producerresponsible for this project at Eidos Montreal, it is therefore timeto take a small resume. How did he in the International Games Summit, said the development of the game was anything but easy. Some of theteam had apparently very hard times are, but is also very proud ofthe result.

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"To be honest, it was a nightmare.We started from the scratch. From recruiting new people up to therelease date, it was a nightmare. We have spent two years in order tocomplete it. In the end I'm very proud of all the sneaking, hacking,social aspects and the struggle within the game. We have succeededwell. I think, therefore I am so proud because it was so difficult."

Furthermore Anfossi went again to theproblem with the controversial boss battles of Deus Ex: a humanrevolution. These were not created by Eidos Montreal but an externalteam (Grip Entertainment). This meet is no guilt:

"The problem lay not with thesuppliers, but with what we have done with it. The internal teamcould not make the boss fights in the time available. We haveunderestimated the total cost for this. So we had to work with anexternal team, but the design and so is by Eidos Montreal. We knewthat there will be a weak point of the game. The boss fights wereforced, what does not fit the Deux Ex experience. And one has nochoice, how to cope with these struggles - that does not fit to DeusEx."